4 thoughts on “HELLO WORLD

  1. I remember when I first picked up witching hour by ladytron in f.y.e. the name and cover art attracted me, I had never heard of ladytron. I wondered if the music was as good as the rest of the album stuff. So, I scanned it on the free album listening samples and put the headphones on, I was blown away! It was like I waited my whole life to find music like this! I was homeless at the time and I was determined to buy witching hour. I came up with some money and bought it a week later with a cd player. I listened to the album everyday on samples in the store until I had the money, I fell in love with your music, it’s genius, never heard anything like it, I later got the other albums. But I’ll never forget the first time I heard your music, I found it by accident one day in the mall. Your music is what inspires me when I do my art! Thanks for years of awesome music, you’re the greatest, good luck in peru!


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