So, Kanye’s performance at the Super Bowl was pretty off……no wait, The Baftas, ….no, sorry, i mean the Grammys. He really is quite selfless. Always standing up for his friends and the less fortunate (in this case, Beyoncé). I am, of course, assuming that’s what was going through his head. To the rest of us it was a number of things, shameless self promotion being one, never mind disrespectful and rude. I must say his timing is impeccable. I do believe he has a single out right now, and all press is good press, right? All anyone was talking about post event was Kanye, so his stunt paid off big time. What was a little surprising though, was how few musicians were making a stand against him. Is Kanye too all powerful to be criticised by other artists? Even Beck, who was slighted upon receiving his award, played it down making a joke out of it. But Kanye’s actions were not in jest. He truly believed that one artist should give up his award to a more deserving artist. I have a problem with that. Who is to say what is more deserving? Talent comes in many forms and guises. Which brings me on to a word i really have a problem with ‘genius’. It’s thrown around far too easily. Someone writes a clever, usually commercially successful album, and they’re often whacked with the word. One man/womans genius is another man/womans idiot. And, let’s not forget, that music is more often than not collaborative. There’s usually an awesome producer, engineer, artist, video director, make-up artist, stylist, lighting designer etc etc, working away to make something look and sound as amazing as it can be. So, enough with fighting over who deserves what.



  1. This is so on the money. I don’t see why Kanye feels it is his place to do this? The person who gets the award deserves the award, it is really as simple as that. It broke my heart the way he embarassed Taylor Swift before, and i’m not a fan of hers, musically speaking. Art is art, the idea of one being better than another is a manner of opinion.


  2. Thank you Marnie. I’m just beyond frustrated at how ignorant and disappointing he is to the music industry. Like Beck earned it. He’s not new to the music industry whatsoever, so all of these kids chirping, “Who’s Beck?” Need to google a record store and fast.


  3. That’s the problem with music and stuff being commercialised – we can’t objectively tell what’s artistically a success, so we settle with saying what’s an economic success by judging number of sales etc. Then when we encounter an award that’s supposed to reward artistic, as opposed to commercial, genius, like the Grammys, it all becomes opinionated because people suddenly realise your point that one person’s genius is another’s idiot.

    In any case the stunt didn’t work for me – still haven’t bought any of his music.


  4. Very well stated. What Jarvis Cocker did with Michael Jackson probably qualified as a “joke,” not the kind of stunts Kanye pulls. Kanye makes compelling music but it doesn’t excuse rudeness or make it more palatable for him to be disrespectful to those being recognized for their own work… if anything it detracts from one’s ability to view him as an artist.


  5. Kanye sucks, I don’t think he has any talent as a rapper. I say it like it is, I don’t hear genius in his music. Long live ladytron, now there’s real music. Thanks Marnie, you’re fully right!


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